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Remember the titans review,  · movie review september 29, 2000 ''remember the titans,'' based upon a less well-known episode in the racial history of american sports.

The crack-of-dawn jog to gettysburg is the only hokey hail mary in an otherwise smart, stirring sports film consider titans a pg-rated, kindhearted drill for the. Remember the titans is one of the two best films to have a chance to win an oscar for best picture denzel washington leads a cast that is young, fresh, talented and determined to make this movie a success.

When the tension of forced integration invades a high school football program in 1971 virginia, players and coaches must rise above racial prejudice and win ball games.

Remember the titans is a 2000 american sports film produced by jerry bruckheimer and directed by boaz yakin the screenplay, written by gregory allen howard, is based on the true story of african-american coach herman boone, portrayed by denzel washington, and his attempt to integrate the t c williams high school football team. Remember the titans has the outer form of a brave statement about the races in america, but the soul of a sports movie in which everything is settled by the obligatory last play in the last seconds of the championship game.

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Denzel washington should have held out for a better script before he signed on to star in remember the titans.

Remember the titans review
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